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Price Selection Details

Photo Type A Standard Image = Photo that was selected from over 20,000 as a gallery entry
B Premium Photo = Peer rated photo as outstanding in quality, motive selection, processing, etc.
C Award Winner = Photo that won an award in a major photo contest
Print Media Photo Paper Highest quality prints made with care on professional photo paper.
Fine Art Paper Prints are made using premium archival inks on heavy Fine Art Paper with a high-resolution large format inkjet printer.
Fine Art Canvas Fine Art Canvas Wraps are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas material using high-quality archival inks. Glossy or Lustre Laminate is applied to each piece to protect the surface of the print.
Photographic Canvas Photos are printed on Kodak Endura silver based photo paper, then bonded with high pressure and heat onto museum quality canvas. An optional Lustre or Glossy finishing coating can be applied to protect the surface of the print.
Metal Metal prints are created by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Images will take on a magical luminescence. Prints come with 1/8" rounded edges, float mount hanger if available or 3/4" Inset frame.
Ext Metal EXT Metal is specially engineered for extended life for outdoor applications. It will last 2-3 years in direct sunlight without noticeable fading.Prints come with 1/8" rounded edges, float mount hanger if available or 3/4" Inset frame.
Acrylic Acrylic Prints are beautiful Fine Art LexJet Prints face-mounted to 1/4” plexiglass with polished edges, DiBond backing & cleat hanger.
Aspect Ratio Definition The aspect ratio of an image defines the relationship between the two sides (width and height). In photography it’s typically expressed by two numbers such as 2:3 (shortest side to longest side of the image rectangle). You can select the most common ratios from the drop-down lists.
Ramifications The aspect ratio of the actual image determines the formats available for prints. If you select another aspect ratio the image needs to be cropped to fit into the new rectangle. Cropping also reduces the size an image can be enlarged to.
The graphic depicts the normalized aspect ratios available

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